Rick and Jan Phipps for the Cancer Council's Shitbox Rally (Saturday 23rd Feb 2019)


How do you thank someone who has helped a couple of amateurs so much in getting a charity auction ready and for that auction to exceed all expectations? Our incredible Amanda Rudge and her amazing team pulled out all stops for us from providing the venue, organising the menu, social media, advertising around town and informing all customers of the event.
And to the artists who donated their works of art. Everybody was astounded by the quality of work donated and we only hope that more people become aware of the abundance of talent in such a small community.
To Glen Curry auctioneer extraordinaire for encouraging people to dig deep for the cause
To the Tenterfield Star and 2 Ten FM for media coverage
To Tenterfield Framing for framing art and Eastmons for printing photos
And most importantly, everyone who walked through the doors of OP and socialised with us and placed bids, some successful and some not.
It is humbling to know that people can be so generous and supportive of a great cause such as the Cancer Council, especially in the current climatic and therefore economic conditions.
Thank you
Rick and Jan Phipps for the Cancer Council's Shitbox Rally